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Ranajit 1 Said on 01 Jan 70
While working recently with a manager, I noticed that he tended to give mostly negative feedback, and very little positive. This manager stated that he had been taught that giving negative feedback would be more motivational. He also thought positive feedback seemed �too soft� and unnecessary. As he added: �Why should we praise people for just doing their jobs?�

When most or all feedback is negative, people know what you don�t like, but they often have to guess at what you do like or want from them. They may feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the criticism, and they may take it personally. They don�t ready minds, and so are often confused about what you really want. They may lose confidence, since everything they do seems wrong. In addition, if the only time they hear from you is when you have a complaint, they may soon begin to feel defensive, or try to avoid interactions with you.
Prasun Said on 01 Jan 70
Scriptgiant have been a pleasure to do business with. They are honest, reliable and very flexible. They went beyond the scope of the job and kept me up to date on my sites progress at all stages of the Job. Nothing was a problem and everything was possible. Even after the project, the Staff in Scriptgiant are still helping me out with any queries I have. I would highly recommend anyone to use Scriptgiant from basic to very complex projects. This company is the best I have dealt with in
Bulbul Said on 01 Jan 70
You guys did an excellent job with my website. Excellent Quality work with Great Support! Palash your the best! Thank you

Ranajit Said on 01 Jan 70
Welcome Bikash Said on 01 Jan 70
Errr Said on 01 Jan 70
I would just like to say, that I am more than satisfied with the work Scriptgiant carried out for us. I have to give a rating of 10 more if I could. I have no hesitation in recommending Scriptgiant &
Rahul Bose Said on 01 Jan 70
hello rana,wt r u doing
Rana Said on 01 Jan 70
tiny star shining bright,time to say god night
Bulbul Said on 01 Jan 70

C12 Said on 01 Jan 70